Complete Prototype and Workshop with LeuvenAir

This week we finished a complete first version of the hardware, back-end and content management application of the Citizen Dialogue Kit. The firmware for the displays and the back-end API can be found our GitHub page now. The front-end tool for managing the displays will be added to the repository soon as well.

We’ve also build a new casing system for the displays based on the design we shared last week. These cases are built out of layers of laser-cut plexiglass and are easy to assemble with a few bolts. In the next iteration of the design we will focus on weather proofing and increasing the modularity of the cases to better support different, free narrative structures.

Last night we held a first workshop at Civic Lab Leuven about using the tool kit to create public visualization for their LeuvenAir project. This workshop used the first part of our Citizen Dialog Kit methodology to identify the specific problem which they want to address through the public visualizations, who the stakeholders are, what the spatial context is that they are in and what the message is that they would like to convey.

Next week we will continue to work on evaluating and improve the tool kit and preparing a deployment in Leuven.



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