LeuvenAir: Second Workshop and Deployment

Last week we held a second workshop with LeuvenAir at the Civic Lab Leuven meet up. We started from the results of the previous workshop, the identified theme, target audience and context. This time we used the second part of the Citizen Dialog Kit methodology to focus on the content of the public displays. What is the story we want to tell? Which questions can we ask and answer?

Part 2 of the Citizen Dialog Kit methodology starts with brainstorming visualization ideas. Next is building narratives using the best ideas.

This week, some final changes were made to the hardware and casing. On the hardware side, the biggest improvement is the addition of solar powered battery pack’s to vastly increase the battery live of the displays. Initial tests indicate that under mild conditions this could allow the displays to remain active with hourly updates for approximately 5 days.

The casing of the displays was also improved with depth layers to add more structure to the narratives. Text is now more receded than the displays. Another addition are engraved, transparent fronts that can be easily exchanged and interwoven with the displayed content. This transparency makes the relatively simple underlying technology more visible to suggest easy assembly, but also highlight that the content is digital and interactive. Finally, the casing now uses a modular system with a universal back plate to which different casing designs can be attached in various configurations to support the presented narrative.

New modular casing design with transparent back plate and engraved display fronts.

We are now collecting more data to support the information in the third part of the methodology on the practical installation of the displays through different deployments in Leuven. The content is these deployments is based on the outcome of the workshops with Leuven Air.

Initial tests indicate varied installation possibilities and positive response rates from passers-by.




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